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Sublime Text Package Control Sublime Text Package Control is a package manager for Sublime Text. You can get it as version 2 and version 3. The advantage of using the Package Control is the easy installation of sublime text plugins.

At the installation guide you find some Python code which you can run in the Sublime Text console.


The Sublime Text Console you can reach by View->Show Console or with shortcut CTRL+`. On my Mac with german keyboard layout this shortcut combination. You can try CTRL+ö oder CTRL+Ö, but for me it doesn’t work. If you have this kind of problem you can use the menu.

Quick installation with Python Code

After you run the python code in the console you get the success message „Please restart Sublime Text to finish installation„. Now Sublime Text Package Control should be installed and ready to use. There’re different python code snippets for Sublime Text 2 and version 3. You can also manually install Sublime Text Package Control if you don’t wand to run python code on your machine for security reasons.

Sublime Text Package Control

After all is done you can control Sublime Text Package Control with the Command Palette which you can run by SHIFT+CMD+P (Mac) or SHIFT+STRG+P (Windows). A complete overview of the functions you can see here.

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